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Scheller College of Business - At The Intersection

Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business asked us for some videos that showcases the innovative nature of their nationally recognized school. Watch as Tech's own students deliver energetic and inspiring lines about their favorite place.

Tanya Hudson - Teacher of the Year

Tanya Hudson, a librarian Chase Street Elementary school, is Clarke County School District's Teacher of the Year. Watch to see why Tanya is deserving of this honor and how she's leaving an impact on a new generation of learners.


The Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases is a nationally recognized research program at the University of Georgia, specializing in parasitology research. Hear CTEGD's spectacular faculty and students share their thoughts on the center and the work that goes on there

Tapped Athens

Tapped Athens is a wine market located in the center of Athens Georgia. At Tapped, both expert and novice wine tasters can explore a vast array of wines to try. We captured local Athenians enjoying great wine, great company, and a one of a kind atmosphere.

Canopy Studio Video Reel

Canopy Studio is a non-profit trapeze and aerial performance arts studio in Athens, Georgia. Watch as their performers take to their ropes, lyras, and slings in these moments from two of their yearly themed shows.

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